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......@@ -5,3 +5,19 @@ There are two parameters, _KBLOCK_ and _stripes_. You can vary and play with the
_Why do you use AVX-512 instructions?_
If we apply our Hilbert-curve in Intel or GNU compilers, auto-vectorization will get eliminated. Writing code with AVX instructions simulates the behaviour of having an implemented auto-vectorized approach. Nevertheless, we belive that future compilers will profit from the locality assumptions of the Hilbert curve.
_ What are the Parameters KBLOCK and STRIPES used for?_
KBLOCK: check after KBLOCK dimensions, whether the $\varepsilon$ distance is already exeeded.
STRIPES: How many EGO-Stripes are used. See Section 2.2 ``Determining the bounds''.
There are two different parameters KBLOCK and STRIPES, where we tried out different strategies.
In our experiments (see paper) we _always_ use the following setting:
For uniform data we suggest to use the following parameter settings:
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