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1. Start the OMNET simulator with the help of the manual of the simulator
2. Import the ansainet folder inside the workspace of the OMNET simulator
3. You can after build the project files import the different examples with the routing protocols
4. Now you can build the simulation and it run automatically. You have to stop the simulator at 150 seconds to get the results from my experiment.
### GNS3
In this folder you see different GNS3 files with the configuration of routing protocols on the topology which was mentioned in the thesis.
If you have GNS3 installed, than you can import the different projects and execute the simulations. The topologies and the routing protocols with the IP addresses are configured and the routing process is running. The routing protocols EIGRP, RIP and OSPF have been configured.
......@@ -20,6 +21,13 @@ If you have GNS3 installed, than you can import the different projects and execu
1. Start the simulator and import the different GNS3 files
2. Use the Wireshark to analyze the links at s5. By right-clicking on the link and then starting the capture. Now the parcels can be tracked with Wireshark.
3. Now ping or traceroute can be carried out and decisive changes can be made in the network.
##### Experiment 1
In the first experiment you can execute the ping command "ping repeat 7000" and see if the shortest path goes to the waypoint. The results are collected and shown in the python file in the PYTHON/ foder.
##### Experiment 2
In this experiment, we went about checking how long it takes the logs to update and how many are lost. The update time is recorded and recorded with the help of violin plots.
##### Experiment 3
This ensures that the path goes through the waypoint and that each protocol takes the path s1-s2-s3-s4-s5. After a while, a ping is started with "ping repeat 2500". Here it is examined how many packets are lost and how many of them get to their destination.
### UsedTools
This file contains the tools used to structure and organize the master thesis.
### Python
This folder contains the Python file which was created with the help of Jupyter Notebook and which shows the results of the work graphically. By installing Jupyter Notebook you can open the file and view the results.
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