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Readme file 
Code description for Bsc Thesis:
Space Filling Curves for cache efficient LU Decomposition
Student: Markus Tschlatscher
Betreuerin: Univ.-Prof. Dipl.-Inform.Univ. Dr. Claudia Plant
2. Betreuer: Dipl.-Ing., BSc Martin Perdacher

For all Folders:
Each folder handles another test case. 
Each case has a logic main file where the result of the LU decomposition can be manually checked.
The second main file makes all the test runs and time measurements.
The makefiles can aether be started with “logic” or “full” or without any variable. They will always delete all the previous compiled files and the result files before compiling the new files. 
The main test file has some values to chose the scope of the test run.
N: Will be the starting dimension. 1000 will be the standard. 
si: How many times we add 1000 to N.
ru: How many runs with the same N.

Folder structure:
MKL: Runs all the time measurements for the Intel MKL library
OVER:  Runs all the test cases for in place LU decomposition
SPLIT: Runs all the test cases where the LU decomposition is not in place
utils: Has all the header files which are needed for the different test runs

The main test file will output two .dat files. 
One file for the average time needed over the same N.
One file for the average norm calculation. 
The names of these files can be chosen over the variables: 
filOut → average time
resOut → average distance